About Us

Salzgitter Lifts emerged from Salzgitter Hydraulics, which is an industry leader in the manufacturing of
Hydraulic Systems for CRITICAL applications in various sectors.

Salzgitter Lifts were designed, prototyped and tested at our facility in Hyderabad. At Salzgitter innovation is a continuous process. Since the launch of elevators we have continuously  worked on new products and improving the designs of existing products for better efficiency. As a part of this endeavor we have launched the Car Parking System in 2015.




Our Quality

Salzgitter is a ISO 9001:2015 company. Salzgitter has been an ISO certified company for over a decade and consistently maintains the highest of quality and service.

Our motto is to provide the safest products keeping customer satisfaction in mind and meeting the ISO standards set within the company. Keeping up with schedules committed to the clients and following up on customer satisfaction is one of the top most priority.