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About Us

About us

Salzgitter Lifts Private Limited is an elevator manufacturing company with almost a decade in the industry.
It is the only fully integrated hydraulic elevator company in the country providing end to end solutions starting from concept to design to manufacturing to commissioning.

The company was started with the goal of pushing the boundaries of vertical transportation and making elevators in homes and offices more than just a piece of equipment.

With our ISO certified designs and processes, as well as our zero tolerance policy on quality defects, we have made our name in this industry saturated with large multinational companies.

We as a company are dedicated to delivering a product of the highest caliber without compromising on the requirements of the customer. Hence our slogan, Safety, Style, Satisfaction, Salzgitter.

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Why Salzgitter?

Salzgitter Individual Installers Multinational Companies
From Concept to Commissioning Work with customer to customize and design the lift as per their requirement. Assembled from available parts in the market. No special designing capabilities. Manufacture standardized sizes. Custom design work is generally at extra cost.
Experience Backed with 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and commissioning of complex industrial hydraulic automation. No relevant experience. Solely installation knowledge. Most of the technical prowess is based overseas and not locally. Leads to delays in service.
Service Personnel Company trained service teams. Usually unavailable after erection Company trained service teams
In-House Design Capabilities All products are designed and manufactured by the company and its associates Purchased from various sources with no guarantee of quality or compatibility Most of the technical prowess is based overseas and not locally.
Quality “No compromise on the components used and built” – ISO 9001:2015 BVQI certified Consideration primarily given to cost and not quality. No certifications or records for verification. High Quality products
Structural Designs No patch work. No gaps. Designed to perfectly fit the site requirements Usually assembled at site without a design or framework. Results in reworks, patch work and overall loss of aesthetics. Imported from Italy or Germany. High cost. May not perfectly fit site after arriving.
R&D Products designed and tested in-house for years. Continuous technology and efficiency improvements are ongoing No R&D. No design engineers. India is usually the last country to receive any updates to technology.
14 Anantha Reddy Baddam, S/O Late Baddam Padma Reddy Founder Member M.D- E V Motors Ltd ,Hyderabad
15 Mallamma B, W/O Prabhakar Reddy Founder Member Rtd JT Director School Education
16 Jagan Mohan Reddy Pati, S/O Pati Satyanarayana Reddy Founder Member Transport
17 Vinay Kumar Reddy Pati, S/O P Ramachandra Reddy Founder Member Business (Beverages)
18 Venkataiah Chithaluri, S/O CH Papaiah Founder Member Forest Officer
19 Aeniga Malla Reddy, S/O Madhusudhan Reddy Founder Member Rtd Chief Library Officer (CREDA)
20 Kushalava Reddy Tukkani, S/O Tukkani Gopal Reddy Founder Member Business
21 Ramesh Reddy Pati, S/O Pati Ram Reddy Founder Member Business
22 Narsi Reddy Pati, S/O Chinna Ram Reddy Founder Member Rtd Jt.Director School Education
23 Gandhi Amanchi, S/O Amanchi Rajaram Founder Member Business
24 Ravinder Reddy Pati, S/O P Anantha Reddy Founder Member Rtd GMTD ,Bsnl
25 Suresh Godugu, S/O Godugu Mallaiah Founder Member Business
26 Laxmi Narayana Bommakanti, S/O Venkaiah Founder Member Business
27 Narsimha Reddy Pati, S/O Pati Papi Reddy Founder Member Retired Govt Employee

Who we are?

We are a private limited company with technocrats who come with experience of working in other countries and with exposure to many sectors. This experience has resulted in Salzgitter emerging as a leader in the hydraulics area where the name is now synonymous with “Quality”. We have a strong team comprising of Engineers from various disciplines.

What we do?

Salzgitter was established in the year 1994 and has been one of the best known hydraulic companies providing industrial automation in many sectors like steel, cement, coal mines. We are one of the fastest growing companies having in-house R&D and manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. As a part of this R&D exercise we have developed some of the safest and cost effective passenger and car lifts. Based on customer feedback and our own experience, we continue to strive to build the best products.