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Home Lifts

Vectr Hydro

Vectr Hydro is the ideal solution for home elevators. Featuring Salzgitter’s premium quality hydraulic kit and speeds of up to 0.6m/s, Vectr Hydro is equipped with a state-of-the art valve and motor that minimises sound and ensures outstanding ride quality and exceptionally low energy consumption. Vectr Hydro is especially useful where there is no provision for headroom and pit.

Vectr MRL

Vectr MRL is the cost-effective for home elevators. It is designed with premium gearless motors and delivers outstanding ride-quality with low energy consumption up to speeds of 1 m/s. Vectr MRL is a reliable solution, specifically designed to run economically.

Vectr MRL-X

VectrMRL-Xis the balanced solution combining factors of both MRL and hydraulic elevators. Designed on a special cantilever frame, it provides a smooth ride for any speed up to 0.3 m/s. It is designed for situations with minimal headroom and a low pit of 700mm.

Vectr LUX

Vectr LUX is a luxury elevator custom designed for your requirement. All material, specifications and designs are selected to provide the perfect solution for the available space. This combines intricate designer cabin interiors along with incredible ride quality to ensure your elevator experience reaches the next level.

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