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Home Lifts

A. Compact Passenger Lift – Designed for low-rise villas (up to 5 floors). Can be installed in a Masonry shaft or a steel structure with Glass or ACP enclosure. These can be retrofitted into existing buildings easily as well.

B. Mini Lift – Small 1-2 passenger lift designed for duplex villas or apartments to provide an elevator without compromising extra space. This elevator can be installed without a shaft.

C. Luxury Elevators – Completely custom designed elevators to perfectly fit the customers interiors and tastes. With a plethora of options to choose from, we can make your lift tailor-made to fit you.

Commercial Lifts

Designed for usage in low-rise commercial buildings, offices or apartments (up to 5 floors). Designed to match the size and capacity requirements without compromising on the aesthetics.

Goods Lifts

A. Heavy Duty Lift – Large elevators designed to carry a specific load requirement. Designed for hospitals, industries, etc.

B. Scissor Lift – Designed as per engineering standards, we offer both non-guided and guided scissor lifts based on the required lifting height.

Car Parking Solutions

A. Car Lift – This product is designed to save space by eliminating the need for ramps. They come installed with a number of sensors to ensure safety while taking vehicles from one floor to the next.

B. Twin Stacker Car Parking System – Compact systems designed to double the car parking capabilities of your parking spaces. Easy to operate and accommodates cars of all sizes from hatchbacks to SUVs.

C. Puzzle Parking Systems – We offer automated puzzle parking systems to simplify parking solutions in garages. With this system you can double your car parking while also being able to retrieve your car with the click of a button.